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Renee Womack Fine Art and Design

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Renee' Womack first fell in love with art at a very young age when her mother exposed her to many creative projects and the colorful worlds of Beatrix Potter and Walt Disney.

As Renee' grew, so did her passion. She would spend hours in the local Hallmark store after grade school and doodling on adding machine tape so she would never run out of paper.

Today, she is an award-winning artist that is still following her heart continuing to carry the parts of her craft she adored when she was young into her current work whether it be fine art, murals, graphics, illustration or product design.

Renee' found herself drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil because she loved using her imagination and being part of a fun world of color that she could create at her fingertips she says.

CheckAdvantage is proud to present the designs of Renee' Womack on their checks, address labels, and checkbook covers as part of their Licensed Artist Series. Trader Joe's, Home Fires Rugs and Kekacase from SanFrancisco and Blue Mountain Arts Publishing of Boulder, Colorado are additional manufacturers who represent the art of Renee on their products.

In Art school, Renee' tackled many different mediums like pen, ink, watercolor and acrylics. Over time, she settled on acrylics for their easy clean up and ability to layer in bold thick colors or water down for soft pastel like transparency. Her fine art has been classified as modern impressionism with similar color usage and strokes like Matisse, Peter Max and or Monet.

Though she uses Photoshop to touch up most of her final images and designs for reproduction, she still starts her creative process much like she did when she was drawing on adding machine tape.

Most of my ideas and designs start as fun, spontaneous doodles that are then creatively painted on canvas or developed as final drawings that are then colored and completed in Photoshop for product designs she says.

The finished products are happy, colorful, everyday illustrations that are vibrant and classy, with a touch of whimsical. She also enjoys mixing detail with bold, simple strokes for a modern impressionistic feel.

Creating art is an enjoyable process of peace and self-expression for Renee', but that is not the only reason she paints. She loves to create pieces that challenge her with fresh color combinations, composition, and subject matter in hopes of bringing joy to others and their surroundings.

Working with color is my passion she says and she believes her creativity is a gift of light that she is blessed to enjoy and wishes to share.

Ultimately, her images bring beauty, playfulness, and a color palette that soothes and inspires the senses. She hopes to inspire not just happiness in others, but a sense of peace and healing for all who need it.

Copyright 1995-2016 Renee' Womack All Copy Rights Reserved

Hello and Welcome to my World of Art....

Thank you for stopping by! I am an Award Winning Artist from the
beautiful state of Colorado. I was born in Louisiana and raised
between 2 fun brothers in the fun town of Glenwood Springs near
Aspen, Colorado. I like to say I am a girl with Southern Roots and Mountain
Spirits! I find it somewhat humorous to find that soon after I painted my best selling
image "Tree of Life" I discovered that my name Renee Womack
means "Reborn Oak Tree". I celebrate the partial Native American Roots
in my DNA. Thus the playful headband in my photo.

I have been an artist most of my life and I started doodling and drawing since I could
hold a pencil at a very young age. I would sit and draw for hours. I still have a collection
of doodles that I drew at age 4 on long pieces of adding machine tape. Hey Mom,
thanx...what a great way to never run out of drawing paper! I was mostly inspired
by the animal characters and landscapes of Beatrix Potter and Walt Disney and I
would also spend hours in the local Hallmark store before walking home from
school. I loved looking at all the greeting cards and gifts. I was fortunate to
grow up in a beautiful and encouraging environment where my dreams and
creativity could flourish.

After graduating from Glenwood Springs High School, I attended the Colorado
Institute of Art in Denver with the help of 3 scholarships. I graduated tying for top
portfolio in my class. While in Art School, I discovered my gifted ability to
produce and create many styles of art whether it be impressionistic paintings,
graphics or illustrations. My art has been classified as Beautiful, Classy and
Whimsical Everyday Art and my Fine Art paintings are seen as spontaneous with
bold strokes and a color palette similar to artists like Monet, Matisse and Peter Max.
My paintings have been awarded several 1st place ribbons in art shows
across Colorado and I have graciously been accepted into many juried Art
Shows and Festivals state wide.

My professional background includes other ventures like owning a business
designing art for painted and screen printed clothing. They have been sold
Nationwide in gift shops and stores like Nordstrom and Disney World and
National Parks like Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. I have continued to cultivate
my passion for color trends and product design by having my art and designs
represented at the International New York City Surtex show for the recent past
3 years. I am very happy to be acquiring licensing contracts with World wide
product manufacturers of giftware's, home products and textiles. It is a dream
come true to be building a portfolio of licensed designs in addition to developing
my Fine Art.

My product design portfolio includes my greeting card design "A Wild Roadtrip"
sold last year nationwide at Trader Joe's Grocery and my designs "Ladybug Gratitude"
and "Swirly World" were manufactured on rugs and pillows for Home Fires Corp.
in Atlanta. In addition, I am currently licensed with out of San Francisco
for pillows and phone and tablet covers and I have a licensing contract with with 4 collections of my art printed on checks.

I am always looking for new opportunities. If you are a manufacturer, publisher
or company interested in licensing my art, or if you are a gallery or individual
who would like to inquire about my original paintings, murals or commission
pieces, please send me an email by clicking on the contact link located under
my photo to the left. I would be happy to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest in me and my art. I find so much joy and inspiration
in my work and I am grateful for the creative gifts I've been given. I believe it
is my calling to share my art in hopes to inspire others towards happiness and healing.
Thank-you for supporting the Arts. Many Blessings to you as you continue to follow
YOUR dreams!


1995-2016 Copyright Renee' Womack All Rights Reserved

Awards and Shows:

People's Choice Award... Tennyson Lohi Tourismo Art in the Park Festival N.W. Denver, Co
1st Place Winner... Furniture Row National Visual Design Team Contest Denver, Co
1st Place Winner ... Professional Water Color Category Glenwood Springs, Co Fall Art Festival
1st Place Winner... Cactus Oil Painting Littleton, Co Art Depot Art Show
People's Choice Award... Glenwood Springs, Co Annual Fall Art Festival
Poster Design Finalist ... National Design Conference Aspen, Co
Juried Participant... Belmar Italian Festival Lakewood, Co
Juried Pariticipant... Italian Chalk Art Festival Larimer Square, Denver, Co
Juried Participant... Art Student's League Annual Summer Art Market Denver, Co
Juried/Donation... The Annual Mask Project at Cherry Creek Mall Denver, Co
Juried/Donation... Project Angel Heart Annual Fund Raiser Denver, Co
Scholarship Recipient... Art Institute of Colorado, Glenwood Springs, Co Art Guild and Rotary Club

A portion of Clients and Collectors:

Blue Mountain Arts Publishing Boulder, Colorado
Trader Joe's Retail Product Division Monrovia, California
Mad Science of Colorado Denver, Colordo
Cool Mountain Kids Pediatrics Colorado Springs, Colorado
Leadville and Southwestern Railroad Leadville, Colorado
The Delectible Egg Restaurant Denver, Colorado
Butterfly Van Rentals Portland, Maine
Healing through Massage Aurora, Colorado
Home Fire Rugs Atlanta, Georgia
PE 101 and Local Color Aspen, Colorado
Check Advantage Retail Art Checks De Pere, Wisconsin